LDTC Neutrality

LDTC and Lexington town government

The Democratic Town Committee, by tradition, does not take positions on, contribute money to, or get involved in local elections for town officials or on referenda on town matters.  Many members of the LDTC have been active in town government over the years, of course, and we continue to be.  In town government we put party affiliations aside.

We conduct our work at the state, county, and national levels, to further the aims of the Democratic Party.

LDTC and Primary Races

Many of our members work hard on campaigns of Democratic hopefuls, such as in gubernatorial primary races. But, by another tradition the Town Committee itself does not take positions in primary races, such as contested nominations for the state legislature, county district attorney, or state-wide offices like governor or lieutenant governor.  During primary races, we welcome the contestants to speak at LDTC meetings, and to attend candidate forums. When the primaries are over we are here to assist the winning nominees.  If you have a favorite candidate, by all means get involved in his or her campaign.  People will be glad to show you the ropes, and you can take those skills to other races.

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