Who We Are

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee for the Lexington Democratic Town Committee was elected on April 7, 2016 and consists of:

Margaret E. Coppe, Co-Chair, 12 Barrymeade Dr., Lexington, MA 02421 (781) 862-2637 mecoppe@gmail.com

Marc A. Saint Louis, Co-Chair, 5 Brookwood Rd, Lexington, MA 02420 (781) 652-8255 marcsaintlouis@yahoo.com

Irene Dondley, Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary, 22 Leonard Road, Lexington, MA 02420

Robert D. Peters, Recording Secretary, 43 Fifer Lane, Lexington, MA 02420

Eileen Gordon Zalisk, Vice-Chair, Campaigns, 118 Grant Street, Lexington, MA 02420
(781) 861-7454 zalisk@aol.com

Lorraine M. West, Vice-Chair for Hospitality, 18 Locust Ave, Lexington, MA 02421

Robert M. Avallone, Webmaster, 21 Constitution Road, Lexington MA 02421

Mabel Amar, Affirmative Action & Outreach Officer, 119 Simonds Road, Lexington MA 02420

Peter Enrich, Member-at-Large, 35 Clarke St., Lexington, MA 02421

Betsy Hatfield, Member-at-Large, 1 Potter Pond, Lexington, MA 02421

Alan Silver, Member-at-Large, 15 Baskin Road, Lexington, MA 02421

Judith Pappo, Member-at-Large, 73 Grassfield Street, Lexington MA 02421

Elected Members

Name Date First Elected Notes
Alessandro Alessandrini February 2008  
Mabel Amar March 2004  
Robert M. Avallone February 2008  
Bonnie E. Brodner January 2007  
Michelle Ciccolo March 2012  
Sreeni Chippada April 2018  
Margaret E. Coppe March 2012  
Irene Dondley February 2001  
Peter Enrich February 2003  
Justine Federici March 2014  
Henrietta Rita Goldberg February 2008  
Mary Beth Gentleman April 2016  
Stanley N. Griffith February 2005  
Betsy Hatfield February 2008  
Margaret B. Heitz March 2012  
Robert V. Kearney November 1995 *Non-member 2004-2008
Elizabeth Kloss March 2016  
Jeanne K. Krieger March 2004  
Pan Li March 2016  
Judy Moore October 2013  
Sarah Nathan March 2016  
Michelle Olson April 2018  
Judith Pappo December 2004  
Joseph N. Pato March 2012  
James M. Shaw March 1988 – March 1992; February 2003 *Non-member1993-2002
Marc A. Saint Louis March 2012  
Mary Ann Stewart December 2016  
Alan Silver January 2015  
Margaret Storch March 2016  
Merna Victor March 2012  
Melinda M. Walker February 2003  
Sarah L. Warren May 1999  
Lorraine M. West February 2008  
Robert Zalisk March 2016  

Ex-Officio (State Committee)

Name Elected Lexington Committee Elected State Committee
David Perelman August 2017 April 2016
Robert D. Peters February 2005 April 2008
Melanie A. Thompson March 2012 April 2016
Eileen G. Zalisk March 2012 April 2016

20 Year Members

Name Elected Terms
Michael Barrett 1996 - 2016
Sam Berman 1994 – 2014
Narain Bhatia 1994 – 2014
Dan H.Fenn 1970 – 1990
George Foote 1984 – 2004
Susan Foote 1984 – 1996, 2008 – 2016
David L. Kaufman 1984 – 2004
Jay R. Kaufman 1990 – 2010
Alice Pierce 1973 – 1993
Sam Silverman 1996 – 2016

Associate Members

Name Date First Elected
Bijan Afshartous 2017
Lois Angelo 2017
Todd Burger 2017
Sreeni Chippada 2017
Ira Goldman 2017
Nina Hackel 2017
Mary Hutton 2017
Scott Hutton 2017
Elisabeth Jas 2017
Sandra Koerber 2017
Valerie Overton 2017
Sean Osborne 2017

The Committee would like to recognize the delegates elected to attend the 2018 State Convention plus the ex-officio members from Lexington

Name Role
Mabel Amar Female Delegate
Deborah Brown Female Delegate
Sameera Chippada Female Delegate
Margaret Coppe Female Delegate
Margaret Heitz Female Delegate
Mary Hutton Female Delegate
Elisabeth JasFemale Delegate
Pamela JoshiFemale Delegate
Ricki Pappo Female Delegate
Kathleen Rowe Female Delegate
Taylor Singh Female Delegate
Scott Bokun Male Delegate
Todd Burger Male Delegate
Sreeni Chippada Male Delegate
Peter Enrich Male Delegate
Ira Goldman Male Delegate
Timothy Hoffman Male Delegate
David Pollack Male Delegate
Richard Reibstein Male Delegate
Mark Sandeen Male Delegate
Zachary Steigerwald Schnall Male Delegate
William Sweeney Male Delegate
Susan Blieden Female Alternate
Deborah Burger Female Alternate
Lisa Sandeen Female Alternate
Caleb Rogers Male Alternate
Marc Stern Male Alternate
Marc Saint Louis Ex-Officio
Michael Barrett Ex-Officio
Jay Kaufman Ex-Officio
Robert D. Peters Ex-Officio
David Perelman Ex-Officio
Melanie Thompson Ex-Officio
Eileen Zalisk Ex-Officio


To send an E-mail to the following individuals click on their highlighted E-mail address. If their name is highlighted, clicking it will connect you to their Home Page.

President Donald J. Trump, president@whitehouse.gov

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Edward Markey

Congresswomen Katherine Clark

Governor Charlie Baker

Attorney General Maura Healey

State Senator Cindy Friedman, Cindy.Friedman@masenate.gov (Lexington Precincts 1, 2 and 4 to 7, inclusive)

State Senator Michael Barrett, Mike.Barrett@masenate.gov (Lexington Precincts 3, 8 and 9)

State Rep. Jay Kaufman, Jay.Kaufman@state.ma.us

Massachusetts Democratic Party, Phone: (617) 939-0800

State party web site: www.massdems.org

The National Democratic Party Home Page is at www.democratics.org/

Greeting Barney Frank at the
Governor Deval Patrick
with then Senator Barack Obama



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