Get Active!

What can you do, to further progressive politics in America?

As Democrats we hold many progressive ideas in common and share many concerns about the current direction of the United States and the Commonwealth.  Here are ideas you can act on, to help us further these aims.

Call meetings at the grass roots, and show up!

Howard Dean makes this good and simple point.  Build your organizations locally by gathering people together and discussing your values.  That may mean attending political meetings of the Democratic Town Committee, the Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts, or other groups you start or join yourself.  Is PDM too far to the left for you?  Fine! Start a Democrats for Fiscal Responsibility and start working.  Is the PDM too far to the right for you?  Fine!  Start a Democrats for Social Democracy and get to work.  The LDTC is here to help you and to bring you together.

All of us who call ourselves Democrats want a society and culture that is inclusive and that provides a good chance for everyone, without prejudices or birthrights limiting peoples' opportunity and freedom.  When Democrats get together and work and talk we rediscover the many things we have in common.  So get to work with your friends and don't worry about some ideological ferment taking place; we all will get together and elect Democrats when the time is right.

Get registered and get active

We all have friends and loved ones who are independent and "unenrolled" even though they share many of our values and say they usually vote Democratic.  All too often, though, "independent" means "not working on campaigns."  Choose your favorite Democratic candidate and help his or her campaign, please!  Our state needs your help in bringing more progressive politicians to the right places.  For many people getting involved means making the commitment to register as a member of a party.  Register as a Democrat, go to the caucuses and elect your delegates.  Then stick with us.

Support the Democratic Party

Can you help with a contribution, to help reelect President Obama and strengthen a Democratic Congress?


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Important Web Sites

Here is an interesting web site with information about key races:

Next is the web site for the White House:


The next two links are for the Democratic Congressional and Senatorial Campaign Committees. Democratic Party members who need help in upcoming races are featured:

The following are three link of the Obama/Biden Reelection Committee.


Keeping His Word

Keeping the GOP Honest

While other organizations continue to focus on political messaging, the central mission of the new Democratic Leadership Council will be to develop and fight for ideas that can happen and reforms that will work.

Democratic Leadership Council

An Interesting Blog is Blue Mass Group:

Here is a nonpartisan site that has state-by-state information:

The Cook Report is another objective, nonpartisan site that tracks races across the country:

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